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DOCUMENTARY  |  7 MINS. | 2017

At forensic psychiatric centre De Rooyse Wissel a patient relates his experiences through many years of detention under hospital orders (TBS) as we see him going through his daily routines, aided by several employees who all contribute to his treatment and offer their views on the special dynamic between them. As he’s progressing and gets more responsibilities, we also witness the special relation between treatment and protection in the process of gaining freedom.

How do you make a personal and intimate film about somebody who cannot be recorded in a recognizable way? Blurs and black bars only emphasize the judicial aura and immediately pigeonhole the patient as a criminal. While our objective is to look beyond that. By using a lot of close-ups, little depth of field and creative staging, we could keep the faces of all the characters hidden. 

We had to adapt to the situation of a maximum security facility, so that meant going in with the bare minimum. Five days, three crew members and an Arri Alexa mini with Zeiss Ultraprimes. And an open eye for the unscripted little lucky moments. That’s how commercial work done in a documentary way can shine. That applied to the development as well: researching like a documentary, listening for the story, create a filmplan and make it into a film.

FPC De Rooyse Wissel


Director: Tim van den Hoff
DoP: Ruben Hamelink
Editor: Tim van den Hoff, Ruben Hamelink
Location sound: Jeroen Leemans
Sound design, foley, mix: Bob Kommer Studio’s
Grading: Laurent Fluttert
Composer: Winterdagen

Gold award B2C Marketing at Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards 2017
Gold award Medical Film at Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards 2017